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Workshop schedule

After a long 5 years, the one and only Randa Kamel will be returning to the UK to teach her extraordinary technique and choreography over three workshops. Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the world’s living legends in Oriental dance.

Randa Kamel

Technique, Choreography 1   & Choreography 2

Whether you enjoy traditional or fusion styles of Oriental dance, this workshop is perfect for those wanting to expand their performance skills and fluidity in dance.


Jalila is known for her theatrical choreographies and has created pieces for Oriental dancers around the world.


Theatrical and Emotional Choreography

Further your dance knowledge and skills with this energetic workshop.


Recommended especially for those who want to perform in front of Arab audiences, taught by Catherine Mancera 

Catherine Mancera


In London this year is the opportunity to learn with the incredible Assala Ibrahim who will be teaching 6 hours of Iraqi dance. She is an ambassador for her art and this is a rare opportunity to learn these beautiful styles correctly from an authentic teacher.

Assala Ibrahim

Daggers Dance, Raqs El Khashaba, Khaleeji

The perfect physical and mental preparation for an intense day of dancing. Nabila, professional belly dancer and qualified instructor will be teaching a workshop designed to help belly dancers improve core strength, posture and breathing.


Yoga for Dancers

We are delighted to welcome world class tabla player Khaled Badawy to Raqs Sharqi London 2019. He has performed all over the globe and has been Randa Kamel's drummer for a number of years. 


We are pleased to announce that he will be teaching a speciality workshop about rhythms for dancers. 

Khaled Badawy

Info to come

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