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Elisabetta Ricci, stage name Jalila, has studied dance ever since childhood, and later she took theatre-dance classes.

She approached belly dance 21 years ago during a trip to Cairo, and she was never to abandon it!

Intensive studies with some of the world’s greatest belly dance and Arabic folklore teachers were crucial to her professional career path. Among those we find Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Zaza' Hassan, Fifi Abdou, Raqia Hassan, Dina, Soraya, Mo Geddawi, Amir Thaleb, Amar Gamal, Jillina, Suheila Salimpour, Ansuya, Bozenka, Anasma Vuong, Kamellia (Tokyo), Amani, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara ,and many others.

From June 2005 she undertakes a specialization path which sees her studying at "Ahlan wa Sahlan" (Cairo) as well as attending numerous festivals in Italy and in many countries of the world. She now collaborates as dancer and/or teacher/or judging  at some of the following festivals: Sahara Garda Festival (Desenzano del Garda) , Belly Queens (Rimini), Belly Bolly (Vicenza), Oryentalia Dance Lab (Brescia), Yalla Raqs (S.Sepolcro),  Noujom Festival (Brescia), Heshk Beshk (Mestre), Raqs of Course (Cairo), Layali (Bulgaria), Etna Belly Dance Festival (Catania), Mazagat (Bari), Stelle a Napoli (Napoli), Egypt en Barcelona (Barcelona), Al Haram Festival (Valencia),World Bellydance Convention (Seoul), El Fan Festival (Japan), Spirit of Cairo (Berlin), Isadora Cup (Kiev), Enigma of Arabia Festival (Kiev)...and she partecipated many years in Randa Kamel of Course Festival (Cairo)

Between 2011 and 2018 she attends "Randa Kamel of Course" in Cairo, a training course held by Randa Kamel. Jalila is a CSEN certified teacher in Italy

She is producer, organizer and artistic director of the Assisi BELLYFUSION LEGEND FESTIVAL, the First International Oriental and Fusion Dances Festival in Umbria, one of most important international festival in Europe

Jalila collaborates with theatre companies throughout Umbria, Emilia Romagna and other Italian regions, and she also works as choreographer and director in numerous self-produced theatre-dance shows, in collaboration Italian actors. Among their successful shows are: Sherazade Circus (2009-2010), "Amore e Psiche" (2011) (which was included in the Theatre-Dance season at Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria), and "Bellyfusion Cinedance Festival 2012" (part of two side events of the prose season at Lyrick Theatre, one of the worlds’ largest musical theatres).

She also boasts a collaboration with the Italian circus star Ambra Orfei, with whom she performed at numerous events and installations throughout Emilia Romagna. 

Jalila is specialized in classic sharki, folklore and fusion, as well as in the use of various props: finger cymbals, sword, candlestick, fan veils, Isis wings, veils, canes.... In her own choreographies she aims at enhancing both the technical and the emotional aspect which generates between dancer and music, and the scenic effect, the crucial elements without which dance and life aren’t meant to be… Emotional Theatre Bellydance. — con Jalila Elisabetta Ricci


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