Randa Kamel

Randa Kamel is an Egyptian oriental dancer, teacher and composer of her own songs in which she sometimes sings. She is also a trained psychologist.


Randa fell in love with dance aged 5 and started taking folklore dance classes from the age of 12.  Randa started in Reda Troupe where she learned about all the Egyptian folkloric dances and spent 7 years doing shows around the world with them as well as having the opportunity to develop as a solo performer and represent Egypt in her first solo competition in Sweden. 


Randa moved to Cairo with her mother at the age 15 and began her career as an oriental dancer. She performed around Cairo and Alexandria, at weddings, parties, cabarets, hotels and restaurants (including Marriot and the boat Nile Maxim where she still dances).


Randa continues to perform in Egypt and also travels around the world teaching oriental dance to packed classes. Randa organised her first festival 'Raqs Of Course' in 2014 in Cairo. The festival continues to be a success with dancers and teachers from across the world participating in a fun week full of dance training, learning and performance.


She is the creator and organizer of 'Randa Kamel Of Course', a week long intensive course in Cairo where dancers train and learn with her, and have the opportunity to participate in the competition and dance to live music played by Randa's orchestra.


Randa also has her own hostel for dancers and a dance school next to her music recording studio where she records all her music.

Mohamed Shanin

Mohamed Shahin is an Egyptian world-renowned instructor, performer and choreographer of Egyptian Oriental and Middle Eastern Folklore Dance. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Shahin discovered his passion for Egyptian Dance at the age of fifteen and has since developed a complex methodology of instruction that has made him a master teacher worldwide.


Shahin currently lives in New York but has been touring internationally since 2004, teaching, ,performing and judging competitions at major dance festivals throughout North/South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  At his workshops students fall in love with his friendly personality and fine attention to detail including technical breakdowns of body isolation, movements and combinations that make up his elaborate and challenging choreographies. 


Shahin is one of the founders, co-organiser, Director and instructor of annual RAQS, OF COURSE dance festival in Cairo, Egypt, as well as organiser and owner of annual NYCairo Raks Festival.  He produced 'Dance Like an Egyptian' DVD series for those unable to attend his workshops and produces music albums for bellydancers. More information is available on his YouTube channel.

Shahin wishes to thank all those that support and inspire him on his journey in dance.


"If to dance is to dream, then you make dreams come true" - Mohamed Shahin

Khaled Mahmoud

Professional Oriental Dancer and teacher Khaled Mahmoud is one of the most famous performing artists and choreographers of Egyptian dance of his time.  He learned to dance at an early age  and has nearly 30 years of experience both on stage performing and teaching.  His dance is strong, forceful but gentle and delicate at the same time with explosive shimmies. His adagio dance is graceful and innocent.  His highly humorous, patient and logical teaching method wins fame with his students from all over the world.


Khaled's teaching and dancing has five features: Shimmies strong enough to break the floor; his eyes and dance are gentle- soft and graceful; wonderful choreographies with beautiful dance moves; years of teaching experience and Egyptian music theory and cultural knowledge. His noble ethics has moved countless students. 


Since arriving in England in 2001 he has held workshops and performed in shows all over the UK.  In 2002 he launched his international career at the Belly Dance Festival in Sweden and now travels the world teaching and performing.  He is also part of Raqs of Course, Cairo-Egypt.


Nabila is an internationally recognised and known as Austria's best-known oriental dancer. Her performing and teaching experience spans the world including Europe (Spain, Italy, Ukraine, UK, Hungary), Egypt, Asia including Thailand and China and USA and Canada. While her repertoire is broad with a wide variety of oriental dance styles, Nabila's heart beats especially for classical Egyptian style.


Nabila's dance is characterised by her appealing elegance and soulful music interpretation. Her professional background is based on many years of training, education and rich experience on stage. As a member of Jillana's Bellydance Evolution team (USA), Nabila performed in three theatre shows across Europe and the US - 'Immortal Desire', 'The Dark Side of the Crown' and 'Alice in Wonderland'. She is a trained jomdance-stage dancer, teaching at the annual dance convention 'jom your life' in Germany. Nabila joined forces with Said el Amir to teach an advanced dancers weekend in Germany called 'Oriental Emotion Camp'.


Nabila's ability to bring emotional expression to oriental dance on stage has led her to be chosen as one of the few European guest dancers in the closing gala show of Randa Kamel's Raqs of Course Festival in Cairo 2014 and was featured as an instructor in 2015. 


Nabila shares her deep love for the dance and her profound knowledge with enthusiasm and humour with her students in workshops at home and abroad and in her studio in Dornbirn Austria.  Form man years she was the director of her ensemble 'Ya Salaam' which featured in festivals across Europe.  Nabila is also a certified Yoga teacher.

For more information: www.nabila-bellydance.com / www.yasalaam.at

Ekaterina Lunia

Ekaterina has been totally into Bellydance culture for more than 10 years. She learned from amazing masters like Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Mohamed Shahin, Wael Mansour and others. 


Ekaterina has won many prestigious competitions around the world including “Stelle a Napoli” and “Bellyfusion” in Italy, “Cairo Mirage”, “Bellydance cup”, Moscow, Russia, “Raqs Sharqi London” in London and she had the second prize in “Raqs of Course” Cairo, Egypt


Ekaterina is a a teacher and has judged splendid festivals like “World Bellydance convention” in South Korea, Seoul and “Bellydance festival” in Handgou, China. Now Ekaterina makes choreography and teaches students in Russia and Kazakhstan.