2ND EDITION, 17-18-19 JULY 2020



Raqs Sharqi London was created as an opportunity to unite dancers from around the world who all share a passion for one thing -raqs sharqi.

The diversity of our festival is reflected both in the backgrounds of our organisers and also the city we are all proud to call home: London.

Our commitment to authenticity and preserving the true spirit of raqs sharqi is demonstrated by our decision to put dancers of the cultures of origin front and centre in our festival, alongside dancers of European origin who have shown a lifelong commitment to the study of raqs sharqi.


Sarah Malik

Founder and an organiser of RSL

Sarah Malik is an international performer, teacher and Mentor of Egyptian oriental dance, Middle Eastern Folklore and Moroccan Dance and Culture. Her passion and love for the dance, travelled wide and far when she is continually teaching regular classes and workshops. As a native Arabic speaker, Sarah's musical interpretation is second to none in 2019. It was a great success with a sell out the festival.


Organiser Of RSL

Aretha is a dancer who is passionate about using dance to interpret the emotion of Arabic and Middle Eastern music. After a long break from dancing, she has spent the last three years developing her technique and style of oriental and folkloric dance with the help of her teacher Sarah Malik. Now living in East Sussex (UK), Aretha performs and continues to learn internationally as well as in the UK, attending workshops by renowned artists including Randa Kamal, Mohamed Shahin and Tito Seif.


17TH JULY 2020

I had a lovely time today... loved all the workshops, thanx Assala Ibrahim, Mohamed Shahin, @Cathrine Mancera ... and THANK YOU Sarah Malik and Roxane Grant for organising, being there, supporting, making magic possible xxxx

- Forrai Éva‎ to Raqs Sharqi London

20 July 2019


Thank you, Sarah Malik and Roxane Grant and the whole Raqs Sharqi team for all your hard work and commitment to putting on such a wonderful event!!! It was great to bring together dancers from different schools and styles in one room, dancing as one 🥰 And so grateful to study with master teachers Assala Ibrahim and Mohamed Shahin for the first time! I will be back for more!!! 🥰🎉

- Anjanie Dindyal‎ to Raqs Sharqi London

22 July 2019

Dear Raqs Sharqi team, congratulations on an amazing event! I keep hearing lots of amazing things about the festival. I couldn't make it this year as I was either working or on mama duty but I am already looking forward to the next edition 🌟😍
Well done ladies!!! Go Go UK!

- Maëlle Mayel‎ to Raqs Sharqi London

25 July 2019


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